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Physiotherapy in Udaipur

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Best Physiotherapy in Udaipur

Welcome to Divine Touch Physio, the best physiotherapy clinic in Udaipur and surrounding areas. Led by experienced physiotherapy doctors Dr. Sonam Thomas and Dr Himanshu Rathore. We specialize in providing high-quality physiotherapy services conveniently delivered to your doorstep through online consultations.

We have built a reputation for excellence in Udaipur’s healthcare community. Our mission is to offer personalized care that meets your unique needs, helping you achieve optimal physical health and wellness from the comfort of your home.

best physiotherapy clinic in udaipur
Dr. Sonam Thomas (PT) Co-Founder, Divine Touch Physio
best physiotherapy clinic in udaipur
Dr. Himanshu Rathore (PT) Co-Foundere, Divine Touch Physio
Divine Touch Physio Best Physiotherapy Clinic udaipur
Divine Touch Physio Clinic Udaipur

Ready to improve your health? Talk to a physiotherapist now and see how we can help you feel better. Take the first step towards a healthier you—schedule your online consultation with us today!